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Out of curiosity I tried something tonight with interesting results.
I stopped all running programs and entered these lines into the shell:

while true
buttons = waitforframe(2,3,3)
call clearscreen()
call TextSprite(buttons[1,1] + " ")

It works, and when I change the frame rate the frame rate indeed does change.
Here are the peculiarities:
Moving the joystick left and right changes the values of the digits on screen
Moving the joystick up and down changes the sound of the buzz that the vectrex makes and also moves the text on screen ever so slightly.
This is weird as I would have expected the raster font to not be affected by the vertical position of controller 1.
As a quick update I have made the 3d demo run out of memory in the manner you specified (being able to still communicate over the command line and recover) but I have also made the vectrex32 crash - it involved generating about 5 fighters, pressing buttons 2 and 3 at the same time (and moving the stick up, zooming in), then rotating them off the screen to the left, not even very far off frame. The Vectrex32 crashed and I was ejected from the terminal session. I will work on a technique to reliably replicate that crash in the near future.
General Discussion / Re: Adjusting the Frame Rate on Lunar Lander
« Last post by Astrosynthesist on April 20, 2017, 09:33:47 PM »
In your docs you mentioned that heavy computation might slow down the frame rate... next time I play around with it I'll start removing blocks of code here and there until I find whether or not the limiting factor is one particular call or a combination of everything that's causing the slowdown. I'll probably be playing with it again on Saturday or Sunday.
Okay, thank you
General Discussion / Re: Adjusting the Frame Rate on Lunar Lander
« Last post by Vectrex32 on April 20, 2017, 09:05:52 PM »
I've seen that too, and investigated it a fair amount. What's happening is that the Vectrex/V32 system seems to have a maximum frame rate somewhere around 60 or 80. I don't know if the limiting factor is the Vectrex or the Vectrex32. When you jack the frame rate up to 120, the screen refreshes at around 60 to 80 fps, but since the V32 is using 120 as its time base, the timing of the game is thrown off.

- Bob
I'm wondering that too. I don't have an answer yet; I'll have to investigate.

- Bob
I can confirm that Controller 2 doesn't seem to be working right.
General Discussion / Adjusting the Frame Rate on Lunar Lander
« Last post by Astrosynthesist on April 20, 2017, 08:52:23 PM »
Has anyone successfully adjusted the frame rate for LL?

I tried calling setFrameRate(120) at the beginning of the code, which did speed up the text and stop the text from flickering, but then when the game starts everything runs very slowly (as in the timing seems to be wrong: rotations are slow, gravity is slow, etc, but the unit itself is running at the correct speed) and the flicker is still present. I'm wondering if I'm missing something.

In my case I'm specifically referring to LL; supposing the LEM gets removed from the drawing list above the top of the screen, (making the moon image static), what possible way could the Vectrex32 produce a bad command that crashes the Vectrex (if it can already produce the moon landscape successfully) unless it is still trying to draw the LEM as its altitude increases.
The way to handle sprites leaving the screen is to either 1) have your BASIC code remove it from the drawing list (or disable it), or 2) set up clipping so that it gets clipped out and not drawn.

Option 1 is preferable since clipping takes a lot of time. But it's also more complicated to write the code for, and I didn't do that in the 3D demo. Ideally, clipping should only be used to handle the case where an object is partly within the field of view and partly outside. Clipping makes sure the part that's visible is drawn properly.

- Bob
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