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Code Swap / Re: Vecci graphics user export script
« Last post by Malban on January 22, 2018, 07:05:18 AM »
Actually - there is a small checkbox next to the "Vectorlist export button" - Draw_VL_mode.

If that checkbox is checked - the outbut is done in Vec32 BASIC syntax.

But having a script is certainly more versatile...
Feature Requests and Bug Reports / Re: DotsSprite double dot
« Last post by Vectrex32 on January 14, 2018, 07:40:01 PM »
The Vectrex BIOS routine I'm using is called DotList. It takes an array of points, but uses the same intensity for all of them. There are no BIOS routines that will do what we want.

- Bob
Feature Requests and Bug Reports / Re: DotsSprite double dot
« Last post by Astrosynthesist on January 14, 2018, 07:36:18 PM »
What about drawing the undesired dots with an intensity of zero?
Feature Requests and Bug Reports / Re: DotsSprite double dot
« Last post by Vectrex32 on January 14, 2018, 06:23:21 PM »
I've looked at this and concluded there's no real fix. Inserting lines into the Vectrex's Line List structure works to make long lines out of short lines, but inserting dots into the Dot List structure creates the extra dots you're seeing.

I'm just going to have to document this.

- Bob
You're right. I've always heard those sounds at the end of Yankee Doodle and assumed they were fireworks sound effects that had been intentionally programmed into the tune. But they're playing at the end of your music too.

I'd call this a high-priority bug.

- Bob
Also multiple notes overlap each other when called with the music function. I would personally prefer the ability to use ABC to specify which voice gets which note. In other words it should work such that "ABC(NG2,nil,nil)" always uses voice number 1 so that I can reserve one or both of the other voices for sound effects and low level control.
This will give away what I'm up to but anyways you can hear some of these notes overlap when they are played even though they should all be one after the other. It does this whether I use the ABC function or not:
Code: [Select]
tempo = 2
strekMusic = {{ABC(NA3),9*tempo},{ABC(ND4),3*tempo},{ABC(NG4),18*tempo},{ABC(NFS4),6*tempo},{ABC(ND4),4*tempo},{ABC(NB3),4*tempo},_
strekMusic = Music(strekMusic)
call play(strekMusic)
This was not the case in 1.14 if I recall correctly but now whenever I call music using the "play" command (including running yankee.bas) random noise and notes are played at the end of the music. This does not seem to affect built in music, only ones which were created using the "Music" command
Code: [Select]
call play(music({{NA4, 12}}))
Okay then, strong recommend a note in the manual then! :)
Having an interpreter alter your array or your drawing list, in an attempt to do what it thinks you meant to do, doesn't feel right to me. And what if the user didn't want the sprite to begin with a MoveTo? Offhand, I can't think of a situation where a user wouldn't want that, but it might happen.

I realize that this is something that people will accidentally run into, and it may cause some head-scratching. But I'm probably going to leave it as-is.

- Bob
What about using appendArrays to append the old array to {{moveTo,x,y}} or have BASIC recognize there is no moveTo,0,0 at the beginning of the array when the sprite is initialized and adding it before creating the sprite in the first place?
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